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About Brain Behind?

Unlock the power of conversation and boost your business with our live chat interface for Apps/websites and mobile apps. Engage your visitors in real-time and turn them into qualified leads. Say hello to a smarter, more attentive website.

Unleash the power of BrainBehind
BrainBehind helps reduce the load and time spent on emails and calls by resolving visitor/customer doubts in real-time. It empowers businesses to close leads with higher conversion rates, making customer engagement easier and more efficient than ever before.

Launch in a click
You are one click away to revolutionize your Apps/website's customer interactions. Our intuitive interface requires no tech expertise to implement or operate, so your agents can log in and start chatting with customers in no time. Say goodbye to clunky setup processes and hello to lightning-fast customer engagement – only with BrainBehind.

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Real-time Conversations
Engage your customers in real-time with BrainBehind's live chat feature. Personalize your interactions and provide the support your customers need at the moment.

Boost Efficiency with AI-powered Chatbot
BrainBehind's AI-powered chatbot reduces agent loads and boosts efficiency. It offers generative pre-trained responses, so customers get the support they need quickly and easily.

Track Customer Behavior & Optimize Operations
Track customer interactions and agent performance with BrainBehind. Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and optimize your operations for growth.

Value you get
You being a business owner can track of all customers, agent and their interaction to improve & optimize the business line.

  • Live Chat - Direct interaction of agents with customers
  • Chat Bot - Generative pre-trained responses to reduce agent loads.
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Made interactions easy & engagement higher.
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Live Chat

Add in few clicks and start interacting your visitors. Helps your business to convert the visitors into qualified leads.

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Chat Bot

Customers asking same query repeatidily? Automate the visitos queries using generative pre-trained responses save your valuable time on other things in business.

How can it be used effectively?

More about Live Chat

Signup, get code, paste on your webiste and that's it!
You are Live.

60 Seconds Setup

Simply copy a simple line of JavaScript to the HTML of your website and mobile apps, and the chat widget will start working instantly.

Create Multiple Channels from One Account

Easily set up multiple channels and manage agent timings with just one click.

Start Chatting

Sign in to the dashboard to invite team members, create shortcuts, and start chatting with your visitors.

Notify All Agents of Client Buzz

Keep all agents in the loop with automatic notifications of client buzz.

Automatically Transfer Chat in Case of Agent Drop

Ensure a seamless customer experience with automatic chat transfers in case an agent drops.

Intra-Agent Chat for Strong Team Communication and Collaboration

Encourage collaboration and build stronger teams with BrainBehind's intra-agent chat feature.

Track Progress

Monitor your team's progress over time, review chat history, and track performance with detailed analytics.

Track Agent Performance

Measure agent performance and capture feedback to optimize your operations.

Chat Backup via Email

Keep a record of all chats with clients via email backups.

Capture Lifelong History

Track and access a lifelong history of chats and interactions with your customers.

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How Chat Bot can be used effectively?

Let the chatbot answer frequently asked and repeated customer queries.

Customer Support

A chatbot driven by natural language processing (NLP) can answer common customer queries 24/7 on all digital channels. It is used by industries such as BFSI, E-commerce, Retail, Healthcare, and Telecommunications to provide quick answers to customers.

Lead Qualification

Chatbots can help qualify leads at any time of the day, providing greater coverage for your business. They can also handle time-consuming tasks such as scheduling appointments, setting reminders, confirming appointments, and prospecting potential leads, which can assist in taking your sales to the next level.

Field Agent Support

Field sales agents may struggle to remember all the products and services offered, and newer agents with incomplete knowledge may need to call different teams to get the right answers. A chatbot provided to these agents can effectively answer any query pertaining to products and services, improving overall efficiency and reducing response time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Chat Bot & how it works?

    A chatbot is a computer program that can simulate human communication via text chats. Chatbots are programmed with the elements of artificial intelligence to recognize elements of speech and engage in simple tasks based on the triggers. Many chatbots can be integrated with messaging apps or websites.

  • Chatbots are used in online conversations, usually replacing a human operator of a live chat. They can be a powerful tool to engage your website visitors, answer FAQs, generate leads, and save abandoned carts.

  • You don’t need any coding skills to build chatbots. With an advanced customer service platform, like Tidio, you can easily create and customize chatbots by yourself, without coding.

  • Increased sales, better lead generation and nurturing, 24/7 automated customer support, and lower customer service costs are the main benefits of using a chatbot. Additionally, a chatbot on your website can increase customer engagement and increase team productivity.

  • Any business that gets a lot of queries from the customers and/or offers a range of similar products (like e-commerce) will benefit from using a chatbot among their marketing tools. Chatbots can be helpful wherever customer experience is key.

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